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Accounting Department Consultation & Training Can Save Your Business a Ton of Money!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Make your Accounting Department more efficient. Many companies have accounting departments that are functioning at a bare minimum capacity. Many companies have grown so quickly and added employees and processes as needed to get them by. Let us take a look at your accounting department and see how we can help!


We can help businesses successfully implement new accounting software and systems or update existing software. Having the correct accounting systems and procedures in place are crucial to an efficient accounting department infrastructure.


We work with companies on establishing effective policies personalized to helping their business succeed. We review current work processes in place and conduct specialized training based on each department and employee's needs. We implement best practices for accounting departments which improves accuracy, quality, and employee morale which significantly reduces the workload on the individual employee.


We improve on efficiency by streamlining processes and training your department on how to best utilize the software and technology available. To also help achieve better efficiency, we work with employees on time management, organization, proficiency, and communication.


With human data entry, error is bound to happen. If you have a good system in place and have a well-trained department that implements best practices & procedures, this will eliminate the risk of those mistakes making it to your reconciled financial reports!

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I use Heter Accountancy for my business and Alexa does an amazing job at staying on top of our finances. She does our bookkeeping, reconciles our accounts, handles payroll, and the list goes on. She’s professional and makes everything really easy for me. I can’t recommend her enough.

Scott Edwards, CEO of DropWater 

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